Edwin Castro Won the Biggest Lottery Jackpot in US History

Edwin Castro Won the Biggest Lottery Jackpot in US History

Edwin Castro won the record-breaking $2.04 billion Powerball jackpot in November 2022. He chose to accept a $997.6 million lump sum payment as the only winner of the largest lottery prize in US history. Castro claimed he was “shocked and ecstatic” to win and said he purchased his winning ticket at a convenience store in Altadena, California. In this article, we will explore some of Edwin Castro details and developments about his case, including the winning ticket, the public disclosure, the legal woes, the court rulings, the future plans, and the conclusion.

The Winning Ticket

Castro was the lucky winner. He bought his ticket at a place in Altadena, which is near Los Angeles, on November 5, 2022. He got all the numbers right, including the Powerball number. There were five numbers: : 10, 33, 41, 47, and 56. The Powerball number was 10. It was very hard to win, as the chance was one in 292 million. He went to a California public school, which benefited from the Powerball jackpot. Public schools got $156.3 million from the lottery, which helps them with money. He said he liked school, and he also wanted to use some of his money to make the schools better for the kids.

The Public Declaration

Castro’s name  was only revealed on February 14, 2023. That was because of California’s laws that say lottery winners have to give their names and places. Castro did not go to a news conference that the California Lottery had in Sacramento. But he gave a statement that someone read to him. He said he did not want people to know him. He did not say his age, job, or where he lived. Also, he did not say anything about his money or how it changed his life.

Legal Issues

Some people sued Castro and gave him some trouble, though. They said he took their ticket, or they should get some of the money. Seven people who worked together filed a lawsuit. They said they pooled their money and bought lottery tickets at Joe’s Service Center on the same day as Castro. They said they had the winning ticket. A woman who said she is Castro’s ex-girlfriend filed another lawsuit. She said they had a deal to split any lottery money they might get. She said she gave Castro money multiple times to buy lottery tickets, including on November 5, 2022.

Court Decisions

A judge in Los Angeles said no to both lawsuits in June 2023. The judge said there was not enough proof to back up what the people who sued said or to say Castro did not own the ticket. The judge said the coworkers’ lawsuit was only based on talk and no facts. They did not show any papers in their pool or buy them. Also, the judge said the ex-girlfriend did not prove any deal or trust with Castro about lottery tickets. She said things that were not clear or true. On the other hand, the judge said Castro showed enough proof of his purchase and ticket, like a video from the store and a yes from the lottery people. Castro also did the right thing and followed all lottery rules, the judge said.
Future Plans

Castro has not said much about his plans or how he used his money, but he said he wanted to help others and make the world better. He thanked his luck and said he wanted to “do good things for people who have less than me.” He felt “small and happy” about it. He also expressed his happiness for “a new part in my life, one that lets me try my passions and interests and go for my dreams and goals.” He appreciated the help and advice his friends, family, and money helpers gave him. Moreover, he said he was “ready to face the hard and good things that come next.”


As the recipient of the largest lottery jackpot in US history, Castro’s story is one of good fortune, controversy, and luck. He also had to deal with court cases and public scrutiny. Despite having to reveal his name and location, he is one of the few lottery winners who has chosen to maintain a low profile and remain anonymous. He is also one of the few lottery winners who has used his winnings to show appreciation and generosity rather than greed and extravagance. He previously attended public schools in California, which also benefited from his winnings.


Q1: Who is Edwin Castro?

Edwin Castro won the record-breaking $2.04 billion Powerball jackpot, which was drawn in November 2022. He alone received the biggest lottery prize ever awarded in the US.

Q2: Where was his winning ticket purchased? 

On November 5, 2022, he purchased his winning ticket at Joe’s Service Center, a gas station in Altadena, California.

Q3: How much money did he win, and how was it given to him?

Instead of receiving annual payments over a 30-year period after winning $2.04 billion, he opted to accept a lump sum payment of $997.6 million.

Q4: What did he do with the money he had won?

He said he wanted to help others and have a positive impact on the world, but he has not said much about his plans or how he used his winnings. He added that he wished to pursue his dreams and aspirations as well as explore his passions and interests.

Q5: Did he encounter any legal issues or criticism from the public?

Yes, other winners who claimed they deserved some of the money or he took their ticket challenged him legally. He wanted to keep his privacy, but public disclosure laws forced him to reveal his name and place.

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